The Top 4 reasons to choose Go Direct Couriers 9:54 22/09/2015

Choosing a courier service to deliver your goods isn’t as easy as you might think. If you’ve never used one before how do you choose from the options available? Or even if you do use a courier service how do you know you’re getting a fair deal?

Navigating your way through on a trial and error basis simply won’t do. You can’t put your deliveries at risk and you want to be sure that when you choose a courier they’re going to deliver exactly what they promise and give you peace of mind your delivery is in safe hand.

In short when choosing a courier you want the best. And with our 15 years of delivery experience we believe that when you choose GoDirect Couriers you’re getting the best in the business.

With over 15 years of experience we have the expertise, knowhow and equipment to deliver the best service at outstanding value for money.

Of course saying they’re we’re the best is easy. You want proof. That’s why you’ll find below the top four reasons to choose GoDirect for your delivery needs.

1. Value for Money

Steve runs an online replica designer furniture retail store. An order comes in from Germany. Steve is pretty new to the game and decides to use DHL to send the order over to his German customer. Boy was that a mistake. The large and awkward size of his delivery made sending it more complex than DHL could take on. So when Steve got his account, he almost had a heart attack. The shipping costs almost completely erased his profits. He felt cheated, ripped off and jaded at DHL’s inability to deliver good value for money.

All Steve wanted was what we all want – value for money.

At GoDirect we understand that the big boys in town, DHL, UBS, Interlink have a long history of charging high prices for big, bulky deliveries.

That often doesn’t work if you’re a small business and can’t afford to conform to their requirements. That’s why we aim to provide the best value for money express courier service in the country for large, bulky items. Get a quote online or give us a no obligation call to find out for yourself.

2. Punctuality

We hate being late. We hate it when people are late. We hate it when someone says they’ll be somewhere at a certain time and then they’re not.

We don’t know about you, but we find this happens all the time when it comes to tradesmen – plumbers, electricians, and builders. We don’t know why but that’s just seems to be our experience.

When it comes to delivering your consignment, being late is flat out unacceptable. We hate hearing customer stories about other courier services that just can’t deliver on time. It gives the whole industry a bad name.

As an express courier service being on time and punctual with deliveries is the most important part of the service. Deals can go sour, projects delayed, money flushed down the loo if a delivery is late, or doesn’t arrive.

We make a commitment to our customers that when we promise a delivery it gets there as promised. If you say same day, it gets there same day.

We won’t pull the wool over your eyes just to get the job. We’ll tell you how we see it and we’ll deliver on our promises. We’re so confident of our ability to ‘come through with the goods’ that if it’s not as promised, we’ll refund you the cost. Simple.

3. Flexibility

Have a look around you right now. Take note of all the different shapes and sizes of everything around. Chairs, tables, computers, lights, and furniture – everything comes in different shapes and sizes.

When you want to send items, large, bulky items they don’t always fit perfectly into a box. In fact more often than not they don’t fit any kind of ‘standard shape’. And for many courier services if it doesn’t fit the box it doesn’t get delivered.

Not with GoDirect Couriers. We are specialists in large, bulky, awkward size and shapes deliveries. We are market leaders when it comes to delivering value for money on large, bulky deliveries that the well known names in the business simply can’t handle like we can.

With a range of vehicles from flat bed trucks to articulated lorries we can collect and send just about anything you need. This flexibility puts us in a unique space, which is unrivalled in the industry.

And just because you’ve got an awkward delivery doesn’t mean you should get ripped off on price. Therefore as important as the flexibility is our ability to tailor a delivery package for you in a cost effective manner.

4. Quality and Care

Imagine sending a family heirloom across the country. Maybe a grandfather clock or a 100-year old piano. You arrange for a courier service to come pick them up and get them to the end destination with same day delivery.

On collection the delivery driver barely speaks to you, loads your precious items onto the truck with little care or attention to detail. He then proceeds to speed off in his truck. You can hear the car horns down the road as he disappears into the distance…

He has little time for you – imagine how he’s going to treat your delivery. It will probably get to destination but if it gets there in one piece you’ll be surprised.

That’s not how this story should go. You want your delivery driver to greet you, explain to you that they understand the important and fragile nature of your delivery. You want them to make you feel like you and your delivery are as important to them as if it was their own. All you want is for them to take the time and care with your shipment that you should expect from a high quality, same day delivery service.

You’re not just a consignment number to us. You’re a part of our GoDirect family. You get a personal, tailored service with a commitment from us that we will deliver the highest standard of care and quality.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your delivery will get the upper class treatment while getting to its destination on time and in perfect condition.

It’s the highest quality with the utmost care – that’s our promise to you.

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