Moving Bulky Business Items Internationally 9:52 22/09/2015

Business today isn’t restricted to just one location. Business exists everywhere. Here in the United Kingdom, over in Europe, Asia, the Americas and even all the way down under in Australia.

That’s a by-product of globalisation and the connected world. In particular over the last 20 years the ability to do trade and business internationally has become even more convenient.

You can put that down to the internet. In fact if it wasn’t for the internet you wouldn’t even be reading this blog post. It has literally changed every aspect of human life across the globe.

Now you can jump online, deal with a trade partner half way across the world and organize business without ever having to meet in person. You can even find trade partners online.

You might be a small time seller – literally making handmade good, selling through a site like and then shipping your product around the world.

You might be a bigger enterprise with greater scale, size and financial backing. You might also have a central base in the UK but just like the small time seller you need to ship your goods all over the world.

Whether you’re big or small you end up with the same issues. The issue of how to get your goods from your location all the way, half way across the globe to your international customers.

An order is an order, it’s revenue and there aren’t many businesses we know of that would deny an order just because it comes from overseas.

But in taking orders from overseas buyers, you need to send your goods overseas too. And it’s not just as simple as putting something in the post and away it goes.

To send overseas, things get a little more complicated. Therefore no matter how ‘connected’ our world is, no matter how ‘small’ the world might be you need to use an ‘old school’ service to get your goods around the world.

That means getting a delivery service to pick up your goods transit them across borders and deliver them to your customer.

Of course as a small time seller it’s a little easier with small packages. But what if you’re a bigger company with larger, bulkier items needed for delivery? What happens when you need to ship big, heavy, awkward size shipments?

That’s not always easy – not always possible even with some of the big names in shipping like DHL, UPS or Interlink. Your delivery might not fit a specified size, shape or weight.

So using these well known shipping names might not always work out the best. And with heavier, bulkier items they almost certainly don’t work out to be the most cost-effective way of shipping your goods.

That’s why when it comes to shipping big, bulky items internationally you have to call in the specialists. It’s time to bring in the experts like GoDirect Couriers. GoDirect specialise in larger bulkier items that need shipping both within the UK and internationally.

They help you all the way along the delivery chain from collection through transit and onto the final destination.

Crucially they also help with one of the more difficult aspects of shipping internationally – dealing with customs.

If you get your customs papers wrong your shipment may be returned, quarantined or even destroyed. None of those are situations you want to find yourself in. By using experts in international shipment you’re putting the difficulties of border control into the hands of those who deal with it every day.

GoDirect Couriers are experts in moving business items across the globe. Whether it’s an order for a new customer or a one off shipment to a friend or family GoDirect with their 15-year expertise help everything go as smoothly as possible.

From collection to transit and ultimate delivery Go Direct Couriors step you through the process making sure that you know what’s going on, where your delivery is and keeping you up to date on completion of the job.

For ease, security, safety and peace of mind the best way to send your bulkier business items is through a specialist courier service. You can’t beat them for quality of service, commitment to delivery times and value for money.

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