The Difference Between Parcel Companies and Same Day Couriers 9:53 22/09/2015

We live in an immediate and ‘on demand’ world. We want things better, faster and cheaper. When we watch TV we watch in ‘on demand’ now. When we send an email we expect it will get to the recipient that very instant. When we post a tweet, update Facebook or take an Instagram we expect it to be immediate.

That’s just a by-product of modern technology. But the same can be said now for the way we move things around the world. Take for instance online shopping. If you can’t get same day or next day delivery, then it’s likely you’ll start to look elsewhere.

It’s a part of our expectations now that we can literally get something in a matter of hours. In the past it used to be days. Of course there’s a physical limitation as to how far this can go on. I mean you’re not going to order something off ASOS and 13 seconds later have it materialise on your sofa – or maybe you will, but not for a few years at least…

Thanks to companies like Amazon and ASOS you can just about get any purchase within a day. So if you need a new coffee machine or a pair of sneakers then you’re in good stead.

But this on demand, instant delivery is all one-way, and it has its limitations at that.

You see when you order something from a company they will often ship it to you with a next day or same day option. But they often place limitations as to how big an item it is.

For instance lets say you’re a small business selling bathroom fixtures and fittings. And you order a pallet load of bathroom supplies to add to your inventory. It’s a pretty fair assumption to make that DHL isn’t going to rock up on your doorstep with a pallet trolley and your order in hand the very day you order it. What’s more likely to happen is DHL might bring your order in 50 separate boxes. Furthermore because of the incredible price due to the weight and volume it’s going to add a crazy amount to your order price.

Wouldn’t it be easier if there were a way to order large, bulky items and have them delivered with the speed and efficiency as though they were a pair of sneakers?

As I mentioned before the usual same-day delivery service has typically been one-way. So what happens when you need to send a delivery? Again let’s pretend you’re that small business selling bathroom fixtures.

And a big order comes in. A big buyer likes your products and loves to support small business. This is the kind of order that can literally make or break a reputation. You want to impress the buyer, as there’s a good chance for repeat business. You need to get the order there today, same day service.

But as a small business you clearly don’t have the resources of an Amazon or ASOS. So you need to call in a courier service.

The only thing is UPS, DHL and Interlink are going to charge you a fortune to send the order. And they won’t take a pallet load. They’ll only take it as a bunch of separate deliveries at a maximum of 70kg. By the time its all said and done, shipping same day with the parcel delivery companies will cost you more than you’ll make off the order.

That’s just not good business.

But what if there was a way to send your pallet load, same day, with ease and at a reasonable price. In fact when you compare the cost to the parcel delivery companies you can’t believe why you’ve never known about this before.

Well there is a way and it means not using the big names in shipping like DHL, UBS or Interlink. It means using a courier service like GoDirect Couriers that provides cost effective, same day express delivery service. When you use an express courier like GoDirect it doesn’t matter if you’re shipping a pallet load or a large box, they can manage it all and do it at a price that the parcel delivery companies simply can’t get near.

In the on demand, instant world we live in an express courier means you can get any time critical deliveries to the place you need them regardless of size and volume.

Parcel delivery companies like DHL, Interlink or UBS are great for small parcels that fit within their delivery criteria. But we don’t all live inside those criteria. That means when it comes to bigger, bulkier deliveries you can’t beat the flexibility and cost effectiveness of an express courier service.

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